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WordPress Developer

If you know how to convert the design to web pages, work with WordPress and WooCommerce, and are interested in developing new functionality, then I invite you to apply for our vacancy!


  • Ability to convert the design to web pages (HTML + SaSS/css)
  • Good knowledge of PHP – 1+ years of experience
  • JS/jQuery
  • Experience with WordPress, WooCommerce – 1+ years
  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • English at the level of understanding of the tasks and comments, which will often be in English.
  • As a plus: knowledge of Elementor

From us:

  1. Tasks of varying complexity: from very simple to the development of full-fledged WordPress-based systems;
  2. Various options for growth;
  3. An adequate team and management. We have people to consult with if you are stuck and you will always be helped with any problem;
  4. QA that checks everything you do and gives you the result in a structured way;
  5. Understanding that your free time is yours alone;

Working conditions:

  • Remote work
  • Full-time (8 hours per day/9 hours with a break). From 12 to 17, we have a mandatory time when everyone must be available. The rest of the time you can work whenever you want
  • Paid vacation – 2 weeks
  • Sick leave – 5 days (50% of the rate is paid)
  • Time tracker without screenshots

The procedure of interviews:
a quick conversation with one of two managers
technical interview or test (optional) to understand your level
If everything goes well, we discuss general issues, and you start working


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